Collection: Magnet/One-Touch Labels

PSA, SGC and others are great for your expensive cards but what about your other PC items?  The ones that aren't exactly going to put your kids through college but you still want to protect and display them?  Magnetic One-Touch holders are the go-to for most collectors these days but they are kind of boring and that copper magnet at the top doesn't exactly scream "display me for all to see!".

Enter Hobby Strip™, the premiere and first-of-it's-kind patented labeling system custom made for one touch holders.  Each custom printed label is made to order for your specific card (well, except for the Generic line, that is).  

These labels were intricately measured to fit perfectly on the holder, also serving to seal the holder from being opened and your card being handled.  We even offer a tamper proof version!  

We put these labels out into various trading card groups to perfect them and we believe the final release is the absolute pinnacle of display....e....ness.  We listened to what collectors wanted.  Designed, altered and created by collectors for collectors.